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Living Habits

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Please use this form to describe to us the current lifestyle and condition of your loved one. Someone from our highly qualified staff will respond quickly with an assessment and to set up a no-obligation consultation with you.

Step 1: Health Information

  1. Yes No
  1. Requires some assistance in unfamiliar areas
    Requires total assistance
  1. Yes No
  1. Moderate problem - occasional assistance
    Requires continuous assistance
  1. Good Fair Poor
  1. Yes No
  1. Overweight Underweight
  1. Yes No
  1. Controlled with meds Takes insulin
  1. Yes No
  1. Hospitalized once in the last 2 years
    Hospitalized more than once in the last 2 years

  1. Unimpaired Partially understandable Not understandable

  1. Unimpaired Understands Key Words/Phrases Not responsive
  1. Unimpaired Uses cane/walker Uses wheelchair
  1. Yes No
  1. 1-3 pills 4-8 pills More than 8 pills
  1. No help needed Needs reminders